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Industry 4.0

LatenceTech Case Study: Achieving Peak Performance in Industry 4.0 with Low Latency

Industry: Industrial Manufacturing

Objective: To design a low and stable latency private 5G network for seamless real-time operations.


In the evolving landscape of Industry 4.0, the efficiency and safety of operations in the industrial manufacturing sector are intrinsically linked to the speed and reliability of their networks. To maintain a competitive edge and realize their operational aspirations, there was a clear demand to optimize the performance of their private 5G network.


A large-scale plant, 30 meters high, characterized by diverse structures such as concrete, metal, stairs, pillars, windows, anti-dust rooms, security zones, 5G antennas, with the ambition to achieve consistently low latency across all zones, facilitating the smooth functioning of a multitude of machines and robots.

Challenge: Processes in this industry demand millisecond-precise coordination between devices. Preliminary evaluations detected fluctuating and sometimes alarmingly high latency values in specific protocols, signaling potential operational interruptions.


  1. Detailed Analysis: Comprehensive tests on the 5G network revealed latency improvement from a median value of 32ms on Wi-Fi to 13ms on 5G, providing tangible evidence of its superiority.

  2. Real-world Scenario Testing: For instance, simulations captured the operations of a bottling plant machinery filling 22 bottles per second, emphasizing the tangible implications of high latency.

  3. Solution Ideation: Initial findings highlighted that recent 5G network updates might be the culprits affecting performance. Recommendations were formulated to ensure uninterrupted operations while the main issue was being explored.


  1. Significant Latency Reduction: The shift from Wi-Fi to 5G led to a nearly 60% reduction in median latency values, drastically enhancing operational precision and speed.

  2. Operational Efficiency: Through our simulations, like the bottling machinery operating at 22 bottles per second, the tangible benefits of reduced latency were made evident, underscoring its direct impact on productivity and efficiency.

  3. Proactive Risk Management: Insights triggered a reevaluation of the 5G network reliance, leading to the adoption of measures ensuring operational continuity and safety.

  4. Strategic Network Management: Our insights offered a blueprint for network strategy, emphasizing the importance of rigorous testing after every network update.

  5. Daily Operation Supervision: The importance of continuous network monitoring was highlighted, particularly when assimilating new software updates or machinery.


This collaboration underscores a cardinal truth for the industrial manufacturing sector: In Industry 4.0, precision is king. Whether it’s maintaining consistent operational tempo or ensuring harmonized functioning across tasks, impeccable network performance is indispensable.

The data-driven, proactive approach championed by LatenceTech can illuminate the path towards unmatched operational excellence for any industry player.


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