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For Network Managers

LatenceTech solution can be quickly deployed as all components are packaged as Containers using Docker technology and are compatible several environments including Kubernetes and OpenShift.

Several QoS Agents can be deployed to actively monitor diverse network links aiming at the same Reflector. QoS agents can also be positioned on network nodes such as a Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) node to get quality and latency results per segments. Reflectors are typically deployed onto or near the server supplying application data. The Analyzer can be deployed on premises or on a private, hybrid or public cloud.

Technical Specifications

All solutions components are packaged as easily deployable Docker containers (on Linux of Windows) A limited & configurable set of ports needs to be opened on the Reflector & Analyzer. Typical measurement sampling rate is every 2 seconds but configurable as low as each 100 milliseconds. Data consumption per QoS Agent (excluding bandwidth tests), using typical sampling, averages 50Mb per day.


Typical component host requirements chart

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)


LatenceTech has performed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its solution to measure the ongoing energy consumption and carbon footprint of several types of deployments. In most cases, our solution is more energy efficient than traditional passive approach monitoring systems. Contact us for details on our LCA assessment.

Product documentation

A concise datasheet about our real-time cloud-native monitoring and prediction solution for cellular networks with a focus on ultra-low latency connectivity.

Technical documentation listing requirements, installation procedures, release notes, deployment considerations and access to online support and FAQ.

Datasheet related to our Mobile Latency Measurement application bringing users the ability to perform real-time network and protocol-based latency spot checks, providing instant results displayed on the screen.

Onboarding guide to help setup the mobile application in a few minutes.

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