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Latencetech and Orange revolutionize 5G effective throughput estimation with LIFBE

February 23, 2024, Montreal (Quebec)


As part of its continuing mission to innovate in the field of telecommunications, LatenceTech has partnered with Orange to present LIFBE (“Low Intrusive Fast Bandwidth Estimation”), a technology patented by Orange and co-developed by the two companies. This initiative perfectly illustrates LatenceTech's ability to address complex issues related to network quality and latency, particularly in the demanding environment of public and private 5G networks. LIFBE embodies a significant advance by allowing immediate and rapid estimation of the effective throughput rates of network connectivity while using much less data and therefore with low energy impact.

This open collaboration between LatenceTech and Orange has made it possible to integrate Orange's LIFBE patent into Latencetech's solution, thus providing an effective response to the growing need for access to high-quality network data via open APIs. This collaborative innovation is designed to be effective across a wide range of network technologies. It marks a turning point in the estimation of effective throughputs, with measurements requiring much less data than the current set of available tools on the market.

"This method was developed to reduce the size of the data used for flow estimates and thus limit the impacts on the network when taking measurements. We also wanted a lightweight, fast approach, compatible with all types of networks and that also allows for frequent measurements." explains Laurent Mussot, inventor of LIFBE at Orange.


“This method was originally developed to obtain an almost instantaneous measurement of the available throughput of an IP network, a departure from traditional speed tests. The direct benefits were to reduce the quantity of data used for estimations and thus significantly limit the impacts on the network during measurements. We wanted a light, fast approach, compatible with all types of networks and allowing frequent and transparent measurements with no impacts on other users."


“Our collaboration with Latencetech is part of our desire to offer open APIs, facilitating access to real-time network quality, throughput and latency data, essential to supporting the new set of 5G innovative connected services.” underlined Laurent Leboucher, CTO of the Orange Group. 2 Orange Restricted This joint initiative is part of LatenceTech’s and Orange's overall strategy to improve access to network data and promote innovation in connected services, demonstrating their commitment to responding to current and future technological challenges.


LatenceTech: An imperative solution in support of 5G connected innovations!


LatenceTech has developed a solution making it possible to measure in real time and predict the quality and latency of 5G services, critical information required for the proper functioning and security of several innovative applications, particularly in the fields of autonomous vehicles, telemedicine, generative AI, connected AR/VR glasses, as well as in the industrial sector for the teleoperation of all equipment and machine types. “This open collaboration with Orange allows us to improve our solution, initially focused on realtime latency measurements, with a revolutionary throughput measurement method with low impact on the network which will allow us to observe and predict variations quality because large variations negatively impact connected innovations. “, underlined Benoit Gendron, CEO and cofounder of the company.


About Latence Technologies


LatenceTech offers an AI-driven analytics solution enabling mobile operators to track, predict and optimize 5G quality of service with a particular focus on stable low latency. Founded by seasoned telecommunications and IT executives, Benoit Gendron and Emmanuel Audousset, after seeing how sustainable, stable low latency connectivity is a game-changer for new consumer 5G services and industrial innovations. LatenceTech's mission is to help ensure the best low latency 5G connectivity for everyone. For more information or to sign up for a free trial, see, visit

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